Light-duty Towing

I-35 Towing Service: Swift Assistance When You Need It Most

Our top priority is helping you get back on the road quickly and safely. Whether stranded on I-35, I-90 or anywhere in Southern Minnesota, Dean's Towing is here to assist.

Light Duty Towing: Versatile and Reliable

Serving areas from New Prague to Albert Lea, MN, our light-duty towing services cater to a wide range of vehicles. This includes cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, motorcycles, and other vehicles of similar size.

State-of-the-Art Tow Trucks

Our fleet of light-duty tow trucks is equipped with the latest technology, ensuring safe and efficient transportation for your vehicle. Whether it's a sedan, an SUV, or a van, our trucks are designed to handle them all with utmost care.

Every team member, from the dispatchers to the wrecker operators, is fully licensed and trained to manage all light-duty tows.

Specialized Flatbed Trucks

Our light-duty flatbed trucks are the perfect solution for specialty vehicles and equipment. They're ideal for hauling 4-wheel drive vehicles, ATVs, jet skis, small construction equipment, machinery, and more.

Pop-Up Dolly Wheels: The Perfect Solution for Specific Needs

With our pop-up dolly wheels, we can tow light-duty vehicles with their wheels off the ground. It's the ideal solution for 4-wheel or front-wheel-drive cars and vehicles that are disabled or have flat tires. Your vehicle's safety is our priority.

Motorcycle Towing: Expertise You Can Trust

Motorcycles require a delicate touch. At Dean's Towing, we specialize in damage-free motorcycle transport. Our carriers are specifically designed to haul all motorcycle makes and models, ensuring your bike is in safe hands.

Looking for Heavy-Duty Solutions?

If you have larger vehicles or equipment, don't worry! Our Heavy-Duty Towing Service is equipped to handle even the most challenging tasks. Whatever your towing needs, Dean's Towing has got you covered.

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